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2022 GPCA Northwest Georgia Conference

2022 GPCA Northwest Georgia Conference

Online Registration is now closed. We will offer walk-up registrations.

Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 7:15 AM (EDT) to Friday, September 23, 2022 at 5:00 PM (EDT)

Northwest Georgia Trade & Convention Center

2211 Tony Ingle Parkway
Dalton, GA 30720

* Registration open until 9/15/22 at 12:00 AM (EDT)

Event Details

Online Registration is now closed. We will offer walk-up registrations on-site.

In-person-only event. 

Conference Agenda click the Download Agenda button to the right.

September 22, 2022, HPC FOCUS

September 23, 2022, WDO FOCUS

We will be offering additional sessions on Friday that will run concurrently with the main sessions. These sessions will be held in the Auditorium.

CEU Credit

Credit will be applied for in NC, SC, TN, FL, AND AL. 

For conferences and workshops, training credits are limited to 11 credits per category for certified operators and 6 credits per category for registered employees.

The room block is now closed.

Cancellation Policy-

Total event refunds will be made if cancellation is received in writing via email 40 days prior to the event.

Cancellations received 39 days to 25 days prior to the event will receive a refund minus a 25% cancellation fee.

Cancellations received 24 days or sooner to the event will not receive a refund unless they have a doctor's excuse.  The doctor's excuse will give them a 25% refund.

No refund will be given for no shows.

Adams Tony
Adams Tony Hawx Pest Control
Alan Barnett
Alan Barnett GPM Termite & Pest Solutions, LLC
Alan Becker
Alan Becker Becker Exterminating Company
Alan Ledford
Alan Ledford Daniel & Lawson PC, Inc.
Ali McIntyre-Harmer
Ali McIntyre-Harmer McGriff Insurance Services
Allen Alexander
Allen Alexander ATA Family Pest Solutions, Inc.
Allison Klein
Allison Klein Northwest Exterminating
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown Morris Pest Control
Anthony Nolan
Anthony Nolan Daniel & Lawson PC, Inc.
Anthony Ryan Lorren
Anthony Ryan Lorren Wesley Johnson Exterminating Co.
Anthony Trawick
Anthony Trawick Trawick Pest Control
April Griffin
April Griffin Daniel & Lawson PC, Inc.
Ashley Marratt
Ashley Marratt Red Coat Services
Austin Lee
Austin Lee Culver Exterminating Co.
Barry Frederick
Barry Frederick DCO A-1 Pest Control
Beth Warren
Beth Warren Business Development Manager Rockit Pest Inc
Bill Shaffer
Bill Shaffer Central Termite & Pest Control
Bobby McRae
Bobby McRae Southern Pro Termite and Pest Control
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Registered Technician Aim Pest Control
Brandon Morgan
Brandon Morgan Trutech
Brandon Sartain
Brandon Sartain Southeast Senior Technical Sales Representative Bell Laboratories
Brandon Wright
Brandon Wright Wright Choice Pest
Brett Chandler
Brett Chandler Chandler Exterminators, Inc.
Brian Cope
Brian Cope MGK
Bryant Pope
Bryant Pope Daniel & Lawson PC, Inc.
Caleb Stewart
Caleb Stewart EcoLab Pest Elimination - TN
Calvin Smith
Calvin Smith Walker Pest Management
Carl Forehand
Carl Forehand Diversified Sales & Marketing
Cary Kitchens
Cary Kitchens Guaranteed PC Service
Chad Murphy
Chad Murphy Owner DCO Surrender Total Termite & Pest
Chad Rogers
Chad Rogers Daniel & Lawson PC, Inc.
Charlene Windrow
Charlene Windrow Ace Exterminating Co.
Charles Ruby
Charles Ruby Safe Exterminating Company
Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel EcoLab Pest Elimination - TN
Chris Gorecki
Chris Gorecki Rollins
Chris Kitchens
Chris Kitchens Pinpoint Pest Solutions
Chris Quay
Chris Quay Fewer Bugs, Inc.
Chris Thornton
Chris Thornton Earth Right Exterminating
Cleaston Green
Cleaston Green Terminator Pest Control Service LLC
Dan Hill
Dan Hill Technical Representive ENSYSTEX, Inc.
Dan Suiter
Dan Suiter The University of Georgia
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook Chigger Ridge Pest Control
Daniel Groves
Daniel Groves GPM Termite & Pest Solutions, LLC
Daniel Hubbard
Daniel Hubbard EcoLab Pest Elimination - TN
Danny Hughes
Danny Hughes Hughes Pest Control
Darren Ledford
Darren Ledford High Country Pest Control
David Gibson
David Gibson SurGuard Exterminating
David Welch
David Welch Arbor Pest Management
Debra Barnes
Debra Barnes Barnes Termite & Pest Control Co.
Destin Jones
Destin Jones Jones Termite & Pest Control, LLC
Donna Cordell
Donna Cordell basic pest control
Doyle Smith
Doyle Smith Smith Exterminating Company
Dwain Yates
Dwain Yates Haralson Termite & Pest Control
Dylan Harmon
Dylan Harmon Barnes Termite & Pest Control Co.
Ellis Frederick
Ellis Frederick A-1 Pest Control
Eric Ham
Eric Ham Key Account Manager FMC Corporation
Esa Mohamud
Esa Mohamud Mister Sheild Pest Management
Ethan Haney
Ethan Haney GPM Termite & Pest Solutions, LLC
Fallon Ligon
Fallon Ligon McGriff Insurance Services
Gary Brooks
Gary Brooks National Sales Manager ITB / Birchmeier
George McCutchen
George McCutchen Northwest ext
Glen Pearson
Glen Pearson Residential Pest Management
Glen Ramsey
Glen Ramsey Senior Technical Services Manager Rollins
Greg Barnes
Greg Barnes Barnes Termite & Pest Control Co.
Gregory Overby
Gregory Overby Three Rivers Exterminating
Hal Coleman
Hal Coleman Coleman Services, Inc.
Heather Stinnett
Heather Stinnett McCoy Pest Control
Ian Williams
Ian Williams Technical Services Manager Rollins
Jack Harwell
Jack Harwell Three Rivers Exterminating
James Long
James Long Cricket Pest Control
James Rice
James Rice Smith Exterminating Company
James Rice V
James Rice V Smith Exterminating Company
Jared Zuercher
Jared Zuercher SiteOne Landscape Supply
Jason LaMarca
Jason LaMarca Arrow Exterminators
Jeff Bryant
Jeff Bryant Pacific Pest Solutions
Jeff Greene
Jeff Greene Master Termite & Pest Service
Jeff Williams, Jr
Jeff Williams, Jr Candor Termite & Pest Solutions
Jeffery Ferrick
Jeffery Ferrick Overby Exterminating Co.
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones Trawick Pest Control
Jessie Chisolm
Jessie Chisolm Coosa Valley Exterminating Co.
Jimmy Popham
Jimmy Popham AmeriShield Exterminators
Jodan Collins
Jodan Collins Hughes Pest Control
Joel Asher
Joel Asher GPM Termite & Pest Solutions, LLC
Joel Waterhouse
Joel Waterhouse Waterhouse Exterminating, Inc.
Joey Saxton
Joey Saxton Culver Exterminating Co.
John Groves
John Groves GPM Termite & Pest Solutions, LLC
John Kauffmann
John Kauffmann Owner/DCO Focus Pest Management, LLC/FPM Services
John Neuhaus
John Neuhaus Massey Services, Inc. - Corporate
Jonathan Bishop
Jonathan Bishop Rollins
Joseph Park
Joseph Park JP Pest Control
June Fowler
June Fowler Daniel & Lawson PC, Inc.
Justin Bramlett
Justin Bramlett Blockade pest control - 1
Justin Nash
Justin Nash Daniel & Lawson PC, Inc.
Justin Silver
Justin Silver Silver Pest Services
Justin Williams
Justin Williams Seaira Global
Juvane Doussaitis
Juvane Doussaitis Rogers Exterminating
Kelly McLendon
Kelly McLendon Executive Director Georgia Pest Control Association
Kenneth Gilreath
Kenneth Gilreath Chandler Exterminators
Kenneth Hill
Kenneth Hill Best Pest Control, Inc.
Kenneth Morris
Kenneth Morris Morris Pest Control
Kerry Jackson
Kerry Jackson Barnes Termite & Pest Control Co.
Kevin Adan
Kevin Adan Weed Man Corp.
Kevin Head
Kevin Head Rogers Exterminating
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson Owner, DCO Aim Pest Control
Kevin Kyer
Kevin Kyer Forshaw Inc.
Kimberly Ball
Kimberly Ball Tennessee Termite and Pest Control
Kristina Landry
Kristina Landry Engineering Administrator Skyhawk / Pica Manufacturing
Kyle Martin
Kyle Martin Daniel & Lawson PC, Inc.
Larry Stretz
Larry Stretz Syngenta
Larry Windrow
Larry Windrow Ace Exterminating Co.
Lee Tubbs
Lee Tubbs Enviroguard
Leonard Hogan
Leonard Hogan Choice Pest Solutions
Lester Darnell
Lester Darnell Blue Ridge Mtn. Termite & Pest Control
Lucas Geer
Lucas Geer Walker Pest Management
Lydia Crabtree
Lydia Crabtree Communication Coordinator Georgia Pest Control Association
Mark Pattison
Mark Pattison Control Solutions
Matt Hall
Matt Hall If It Were My House Pest Solutions
Matthew Davenport
Matthew Davenport Safekeep Pest Management
Matthew Spivey
Matthew Spivey Spivey Pest Control
Michael Cantrell
Michael Cantrell Daniel & Lawson PC, Inc.
Michael Denham
Michael Denham DCO Clear Defense Pest Control of Knoxville
Michael Laurell
Michael Laurell EcoLab Pest Elimination - TN
Michael Sims
Michael Sims GPM Termite & Pest Solutions, LLC
Mike Padgett
Mike Padgett Delete Pest Control
Mike Purcell
Mike Purcell Nisus Corporation
Mike Shelko
Mike Shelko Brandon Pest Control
Nick Iverson
Nick Iverson BASF
Nicolas Mays
Nicolas Mays Smith Exterminating Company
Pasha Simpson
Pasha Simpson Arrow Exterminators-Atlanta
Pat Evans
Pat Evans Veseris
Patrick Settle
Patrick Settle Senior Vice President Rockit Pest Inc
Paul Hardy
Paul Hardy
Peter Fargo
Peter Fargo Noble Pest Services
Phil Aspin
Phil Aspin Trawick Pest Control
Rand Eley
Rand Eley Exceptional Pest Solutions
Rand Hollon
Rand Hollon Preferred Business Brokers
Randy Neff
Randy Neff Legacy Pest Control
Randy Richardson
Randy Richardson Alexander Termite & Pest Control Co.,Inc.
Richard Esparza
Richard Esparza Daniel & Lawson PC, Inc.
Rick Bell
Rick Bell Arrow Exterminators-Atlanta
Robert Herfurth
Robert Herfurth Assured Pest Control Svcs.
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Jones Termite & Pest Control, LLC
Robert Templeton
Robert Templeton Beaumont Pest Control, LLC
Robert Williamson
Robert Williamson Wynne Pest Solutions
Rodney Ledford
Rodney Ledford EcoLab Pest Elimination - TN
Ronald Cook
Ronald Cook Chigger Ridge Pest Control
Ryan Streeter
Ryan Streeter Rentokil North America
Scot Galphin
Scot Galphin Target Specialty Products
Scott Allen
Scott Allen ADM Milling
Scott Culp
Scott Culp Culp's Pest Control Service Inc.
Scott Eubanks
Scott Eubanks Northwest Exterminating
Scott Suprek
Scott Suprek Supreks Exterminating
Seong Lee
Seong Lee JP Pest Control
Shaun Wooten
Shaun Wooten GPM Termite & Pest Solutions, LLC
Steven Childers
Steven Childers Platinum Pest Control
Steven French
Steven French Dominion Pest Control of GA
Susan Jordan
Susan Jordan Heartland Exterminating Company
Ted Veitch
Ted Veitch Cook's Pest Control-Decatur
Thomas Nall
Thomas Nall GPM Termite & Pest Solutions, LLC
Tim McWhirter
Tim McWhirter Canton Termite & Pest Control
Tim Robinson
Tim Robinson Oldham Chemicals Co., Inc.
Tom Cothran
Tom Cothran Alamo Pest Control
Tom Olschewske
Tom Olschewske Arrow Exterminators
Tommy Middlebrooks
Tommy Middlebrooks Middlebrooks Pest Solutions
Tony Green
Tony Green EcoLab Pest Elimination - TN
Tony Hill
Tony Hill Best Pest Control, Inc.
Trey Strickland
Trey Strickland Waynes Pest Control
Tyler Henson
Tyler Henson Daniel & Lawson PC, Inc.
Verne Keller
Verne Keller Certus Pest- Florida Division
Walker Mobley
Walker Mobley Zoecon
Walt Weinwurm
Walt Weinwurm Bayer Environmental Sciences
Wayne Holden
Wayne Holden Wayne Holden Pest Solutions
Wesley Cook
Wesley Cook Chigger Ridge Pest Control
Wesley McMorris
Wesley McMorris Rogers Exterminating
William Allgood
William Allgood Future Services Inc
William Oakes
William Oakes Hughes Pest Control
William Quinn
William Quinn Quinn's Exterminating, Inc.
William Todd Holloway
William Todd Holloway EcoLab Pest Elimination - TN
135 Other Registered Attendees
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Lydia Crabtree
Lydia Crabtree
Communication Coordinator (770)417-1881
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