2022 PestVets 2nd Annual Coat Drive Underway

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WHAT: GA Pest Vets (3/16-VSG) would like YOUR company to participate in our Homeless Veterans Coat Drive!
WHO: All GPCA member organizations are strongly encouraged to participate.
WHEN: The collection drive will kick off 10/01/2022 through 11/01/2022.     
HOW:         Create a collection box for your company in its service location(s) and collect coats in support of homeless veterans

  • Encourage your staff to decorate the collection box/area
    • Take pictures and share them @ GPCA@gpca.org
    • If you have multiple locations, consider an internal competition for most coats or best decorated
  • Invite your staff, customers, and community to donate coats
    • Coats can be all seasons, gender, and sizes including children’s sizes
    • Coats should be gently used and in wearable condition
  • Deliver your donated coats to the nearest Arrow Exterminators GA location, or GPCA HQ location by 11/11/2022
    • A directory and map of locations are attached for reference
  • All coats will arrive at GPCA-HQ by 11/30/2022

WHY:  GA Pest Vets (3/16-VSG) is collaborating with Cherokee County Homeless Veterans Program. Last year, GPCA delivered nearly 3,500 coats to this program.

  • On any given night in America today there are over 49,000 homeless Veteran living on the streets that are not in any type of shelter. 40% of homeless Veterans suffer from some sort of Mental Health issue and 9% of today’s Homeless are female Veterans, some with small children.
  • The State of Georgia ranks 3rd among states for the largest number of homeless veterans in the Balance of State homeless areas (rural areas which make us 152 of the 158 counties in Georgia)
  • State of Georgia ranks 3rd behind Hawaii and Oregon with the highest rate of un-sheltered homeless veterans in the nation. Georgia has a 63.1% rate of unsheltered vs sheltered homeless veterans within the Balance of State Continuum of Care (COC).

Q: Can I work with customers, vendors, or my community to get more coats?
A: The intent is to get as many as possible. So, YES. Where appropriate.        
            Q: Why is Arrow Exterminators gathering all the coats?
            A: Arrow has agreed to act as a collection point for all GPCA participating companies. They have multiple locations throughout GA. The idea is to give you easy drop-off points so that GPCA can work on getting them all back to GPCA-HQ.
            Q: Is it ok to donate coats with broken zippers, holes, or stains?
            A: NO. These coats will not be mended from their donated condition. They should be in ready to wear condition.
            Q: Do all coats have to be adult sized?
            A: NO. These coats will go to homeless and near homeless vets. Many of which have families they cannot easily clothe. All sizes, ages, genders are needed.
            Q: Will all these coats really go to those in need?
            A: YES. We have worked closely with this organization. They received 600+ coats last year and everyone was handed out. They are relying exclusively on us this year to have coats on hand.
     Let’s work together to help our own veterans in need!