GPCA Leadership Program

In-depth Look at Leadership Program 2023

The GPCA Leadership Program is an innovative 3-part development program that provides participants with a fresh take on leadership skills and strategies that can be immediately put to practical use in any size company, department or even in your personal life.  

The program is customized for the Pest Management Industry. So, if you have been thinking about sharpening your leadership skills or if you have a team member in your company that you would like to see grow to the next level of leadership capability, then please have them apply online at under the Education/Events section.

Let’s take a brief look at the 4 main goals of this program.

  1. Identify and gain knowledge of the indispensable qualities possessed by great leaders.
  2. Design your personalized leadership development plan.
  3. Align your leadership development with your strengths for maximum personal success.
  4. Align your plan to the needs of your company for maximum business success.

The program consists of 3 in-person sessions and overnight stays (covered by tuition) and travel (not covered by tuition). Single occupancy when available is offered. Each session will involve numerous individual exercises, group breakout learning, introspection, and knowledge sharing. There will be some homework and a team project which will require some virtual work in between sessions as part of the development.  

Session 1: The first session will cover leadership qualities associated with Organizational Leadership. This session will provide a Results-focused orientation and provide you with the Strategic and Critical Thinking skills necessary to set a Direction for your team with a strong Purpose and Roadmap for Implementation.

Session 2: This session is truly unique and will cover topics on Personal & Team Leadership. The essence of this session is built around the Interpersonal leadership qualities necessary to understand what drives people to do what they do. This will allow you to understand how best to develop others while inspiring high performance for your team. Session

3: This session is considered the Implementation Toolbox where we will get a chance to explore the leadership qualities of Innovation, Leading Change, and the ability to make the decisions necessary to stay focused on the great ideas for your business.  

Three Challenging & Career Developing Events

    May 16 - 18, 2023
    Forrest Hills, Dahlonega, Georgia

    September 6 - 8, 2023
    Wynfield Plantation, Albany, Georgia

    November 7 - 8 2023
    Hyatt Regency Suites Atlanta NW, Marietta, Georgia

    Criteria & Rules

    I. Leadership Program Investment
    • Tuition is $2,000.00 per participant.
    • Tuition payment is the responsibility of the participant.
    • Tuition covers all hotel (are based on double occupancy), and meal expenses.
    • Individual rooms may be requested, but are based on availability. Additional costs for individual rooms will be advised for each session and are the responsibility of the participant.
    • Payment plans are available.  If you would like to discuss payment options please contact Kelly McLendon at 770-712-3887.

    II. Leadership Class Diversity
    • Maximum two (2) people from same company
    • Maximum one (1) person from same family
    • Maximum two (2) allied representatives
    • Company size
    • Geographic

    III. Applicant Document Package Deadline is March 31, 2023

    Package must include:

    • Completed and signed application.
    • One (1) letter of reference or recommendation.
    • Resume.

    IV. GPCA Guardian Leadership Program Scholarship

    The GPCA Guardians have established a scholarship, that at their sole discretion, may be awarded to a deserving applicant who had been accepted into the GPCA Leadership Program. The scholarship is intended to provide an opportunity to a qualified applicant, who otherwise may not have the opportunity to participate. The scholarship award amount would be for the entire cost of tuition.


    1. Candidate must have a minimum of two (2) years of industry experience.
    2. Candidate must be employed in the industry with an organization having no more than eight (8) employees.
    3. Candidate’s company must have been a member of GPCA and paid dues for a minimum of three (3) years.
    4. Candidate will be required to commit to at least one (1) year of GPCA leadership service subsequent graduation in one (1) of the areas listed below:
      1. Assistant Region Director
      2. Work on a major conference committee
      3. Work with the GPCA charity

    V. Application Package Submission
    Complete Online Form Please