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This is for full-service pest control companies actively engaged in providing services to consumers, especially when you have more than one technician or Certified Operator needing Continuing Education Credits. 

The categories for membership are based upon the number of licensed technicians and certified operators you have or will have during the coming year. This has nothing to do with support staff or total staff numbers:

A        1 to 2    licensed technicians or certified operators      $150

B        3 to 5    licensed technicians or certified operators      $185

C        6 to 10  licensed technicians or certified operators      $305           

D       11 to 20 licensed technicians or certified operators      $420

E        21 to 30 licensed technicians or certified operators     $550                               

F        30 - up   licensed technicians or certified operators     $670 

This number is essential. In our new system, you will be asked to name each technician and operator who is licensed and is working under you. You can only have the number of techs and operators attending classes you have paid for, or you will have to pay the difference and go to the next membership level.  Further membership is also restricted by location. If you have ten licensed technicians and operators in your Norcross location, you will get a level C or D membership for the Norcross location. If you have five licensed technicians and operators in your Snellville location, you will get a level B or C membership for the Snellville location. You must have both memberships to allow your technicians and operators to take advantage of free continuing education units. 

Remember that our free Fourth Tuesday Classes are available to your technicians and certified operators at a savings of $10 per credit hour. This means you are getting free, for each technician and certified operator you have membership for, 11 HPC and 11 WDO hours for free instead of paying the $220 it would have cost them or you. What a value and what a great gift to your employees. This of course, doesn't take into consideration the savings you get in membership at all education events or the opportunity for free Region CEU classes. '

The higher the level of membership the more votes you get to help direct GPCA's future. It also permits you and your team to hold office at GPCA and participate at member rates to all functions.

Active/Conditional Members also get membership rates for all educational materials and forms and advertising materials offered in the GPCA Shop. 

Restriction to Companies One Year

If a company ahs been in business for less than one (1) year, it may apply for Conditional Membership. If approved, membership gives the privileges of membership to the association with the following limitations:

1. Reference to membership in advertising is not permitted 

2. The official seal of the Association shall not be displayed nor its slogan employed

3. Shall not be entitled to vote or hold elective offices

Once the business has been active for more than a year, membership becomes a full Active Membership with all privileges stated above.

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Allied Member

Allied Membership: $220. This is for suppliers of products or services to the pest control industry. Example would include distributors manufacturers, insurance providers, car dealers, etc.

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Individual Member

Individual Membership: $65. This is for individuals who wish to be involved participants in the industry. Technicians, certified operators, and consultants who may not have access to association information through their employer would benefit most from this membership. Individual members may only purchase educational materials and are not included in the directory information. They may not vote or use the GPCA logo on their personal stationery.

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