2023 September SPCC Commission Meeting Notes

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Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission Meeting Notes

September 12, 2023

Open – Chris Gorecki

Minutes – Approved

Old Business – None

New Business

  1. New Company Applications

1 – Insecticide Hotline Service – Henry – 404-844-8378 – Bobby Oliveer Brooks

2 – Name Change from Proven Pest Solutions to Home Source Pest Control, LLC

3 – Name Change from Peachtree Pest Control, a Division of Pestban, LLC to Peachtree Pest Control

4 – Name Change from Royal Pest Solutions to Top Notch Pest Control

5 – Southeast Outdoor Services LLC – Hall – 770-540-2897 – Jonathan Clark

6 – Need New Name – Gwinnett – 678-699-1239 – Justin Breda

7 – New Location – Massey Services, Inc. dba Horne’s Pest Control Inc.

8 – Matt’s Pest Control – Hall – 404-330-4511 – Matthew Alexander

9 – Name Change from Lake Lanier Pest Control to Taycon Pest Solutions Inc.

10 – Berry Lane Bees, LLC – Jackson – 706-362-4951 – Shawn D. Jones

11 – TLC Pest Protection – Paulding – 404-829-0402 – Terry Lee Corona

  1. Urban Entomology Update

Brian Forscheler –

                Jacob Winkles – Report is progressing and will be wrapping up soon

                Bob Rosenberg – Passed away – NPMA Retired CEO


  1. Georgia Department of Agriculture Updates – Derrick Lastinger – Idalia affected 3 counties in Georgia impacting 208 companies in the area. 
  2. Mike Evans – Update on Yellow Legged Hornet.  They are a pest to bees.  Not a murder hornet. Beekeepers originally found them, and they were in 7 sites.  Seem not to be widespread.  Traps are out on barrier islands and the general area.  The goal is eradication. The original nest was on Wilmington Island.  Beekeepers are continuing to monitor.
  3. Certification and Training – Ali Ikner: The late renewal deadline is September 30.  Failure to renew by the end of the month will result in a need to retest.  295 Certified Operators have not renewed, and 439 techs have not renewed.
  4. Outreach – Ali Ikner:  SPCC will be at the following upcoming shows: GPCA North Georgia Conference, Griffin Termite Workshops (1&2), Georgia Beekeepers Association, CPCO Fall Conference, Georgia National Fair and Ray Day
  5. Georgia Pesticide Application Certification & Training Plan
    1. Waiting language from Legal
  6. Meeting Recordings – Waiting on Legal
  7. Waiting on more information before David Sereboo decision on cheating
  8. Honey Bee Removal mock-ups – Bobby Chaisson has presented an option for a mock-up with UGA. SPCC voted that the 3 removal jobs can be done by mockup.
  9. US EPA Sulfuryl Floride early mitigation interim decision – modification is ongoing. The September memo is coming. Will have to change log use. Florida requirement is an option.
  10. TermiTek System is still under legal review.
  11. The November meeting will be in-person at the Dept. of Ag. Building in room 201 on Nov 14th
  12. Georgia Link – Watching the following – Redistricting cases, The Budget Surplus, Rural Development Council, and Gas Tax is suspended.
  13. NPMA Update – Preemption is in the House version of the Farm Bill, but not in the Senate version. We hope to get it in the final bill during the conference committee.
  14. Rodenticides – look for a decision in the 1st quarter of 2024.
  15. Beagle Brigade bill will solidify the “National Detector Dog Training Center” in Newnan Georgia.
  16. Waters of the US 2023 version was ruled invalid and reverted to the previous version which made more sense.  A new Revision coming.  Should address only navigable waters, not puddles.  Georgia is currently using the pre-2015 version.