ASPCRO Hall of Fame Winner - Derrick Lastinger

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Derrick Lasting

Derrick Lastinger is the Structural Pest Division Director for the Georgia Department of Agriculture, where he has devoted himself to public service for over twenty-five years.  After earning his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from the University of North Georgia, he began his career with the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) in 1997 as a Structural Pest Inspector.  He has been involved with creating a GDA licensing database, inspection program, computer licensing exam, and an environment that promotes regulation through education which has fostered a partnership with the structural pest control industry allowing inspection consistency statewide.  This alliance was vital in the division collaborating with the structural pest control industry to protect the health and welfare of the citizens of Georgia while protecting the environment.   Derrick was directly responsible for these changes and many more, which shows why he quickly became program manager for Licensing, Certification, & Training and other areas of the Structural Pest Program before taking on the role as Division Director. He has provided leadership for GDA, including participation in the State Agriculture Response Team (SART), overseeing the Summer Internship Program, and strategic planning for new leadership.  

Derrick was appointed to the Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission (SPCC) in July 2010, serving as vice-chairman since 2012. His innovative thinking was quickly shown as he took the lead in the development and implementation of 28 industry guidance documents explaining rules and regulations on hard-to-understand laws. The topic of spray foam insulation, termite inspections, and how the Georgia Building Code was amended to allow for visual inspections is one of many initiatives Derrick introduced in Georgia that created a standard for the nation.  His work with the commission members has made Georgia a national leader in developing regulations that ensure the structural pest management industry has all the tools needed.  He has been involved with changing EPA’s take on rodent bait and fumigation, making these products available to the industry’s toolbox.  He took the lead on Georgia’s new rule on Honeybee Control and Removal, a new structural pest license category.

Over the last twenty-five years, Derrick's tenure with GDA has been filled with innovation and distinguished accomplishments for the Georgia Department of Agriculture, State of Georgia, Structural Pest Control Industry, and National State Lead Agency policies.  His ASPCRO commitment started as a member.  He served as committee chair before joining the Board of Directors, serving as president from 2011 – 2013.  He continues to participate in committees actively and influence national subjects.  Recently he was acknowledged as a contributor to the national non-soil fumigation manual published by PERC for pesticide applicators.  His willingness to take risks, accept responsibility, be innovative, and embrace change has provided the structural pest control industry nationally with an extraordinary number of policies that protect consumers and the environment while moving the industry forward, serving as a model civil servant for countless others.