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Cram Day 2-Day Course

August 8th, 8 hours of HPC credit
August 10th, 8 hours of WDO credit

Monday, August 8, 2022 at 8:00 AM (EDT) to Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 5:00 PM (EDT)
70 Seats Remaining

Event Details

This is our new and updated 2-day CRAM program. This course will help you study for the state PCO exam. Instructor Jim Chase will be offering 2 full days of CEU's. One full day of HPC credit from 8 am -5 pm and one full day of WDO credit from 8 am - 5 pm. This will also include Rules and Regulations. You have the option to attend both days or a specific day. August 8th, 8 hours HPC credit. August 10th, 8 hours WDO credit.

Becksun Park
Becksun Park Anteater Pest Control, Inc.
Daniel Foster
Daniel Foster Pest Technician All-American Exterminating Company
Dwayne Duffus
Dwayne Duffus Breda Pest Management, Inc.
Jim Chase
Jim Chase
Jimmy Mercks
Jimmy Mercks JimPat Pest Control
Jonathan Ligon
Jonathan Ligon Pest Control Technician Protector Pest Solutions
Jonathan Shepherd
Jonathan Shepherd PC Technician Breda Pest Management, Inc.
Keith Matthews
Keith Matthews Pest Technician All-American Exterminating Company
Marcus Hoyt
Marcus Hoyt Breda Pest Management, Inc.
Matthew Preston
Matthew Preston Lead Pest Control Technician Protector Pest Solutions
Mike Foster
Mike Foster Owner All-American Exterminating Company
Paul Hardy
Paul Hardy
Perry Rhue
Perry Rhue Hawx Pest Control
Raj Patel
Raj Patel Servitix
Richard Payne
Richard Payne Pain Exterminating
Ronny Chica
Ronny Chica Licensed in FL
Shawn Pickens
Shawn Pickens Northeast Georgia Exterminating LLC
Stacey McGahey
Stacey McGahey Active Pest Control - Conyers
Steven Wagner
Steven Wagner Service Manager Orkin-Atlanta
Todd Adamson
Todd Adamson Pest & Mosquito Authority (NW GA)
7 Other Registered Attendees

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Lydia Crabtree
Lydia Crabtree
Communication Coordinator (770)417-1881
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