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Lydia Crabtree

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Member Since: 2022

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I started here as a fill-in about three (3) years ago and slowly became a permanent part-time employee. I am most known for Cas, the service dog, who is my constant companion due to a genetic heart condition I suffer from. My job at GPCA is to communicate through BugBytes as the primary author and editor, Social Media, as the primary poster, and via the phone directly with other members. If asked, I LOVE MY JOB and really wouldn't want to work anywhere else! I am married 20 years in 2022 to Tony, have one son Samuel, 24, and one other dog, Ziek. I love to read, crochet, and volunteer.
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North Georgia University (College) 1994 BS in Psychology, Minors in Journalism/Theater
Volunteer Work:
Gwinnett Interfaith Alliance
Partnership Against Domestic Violence
I am seeking a Honeybee Remover Operator (HBR) license.
Approved GA Speaker
Honeybee Training Classes