Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission Meeting May 2024

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Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission

May 14, 2024

In Attendance: Chris Gorecki, Chairman; Derrick Lastinger, Vice-Chairman; Christy Kuriatnyk, Dr. Brian Forschler, Bodine Sinyard, Greg Holley, and Kim Bragg.

Old Minutes-Approved as provided.

UGA Urban Entomology Update-Dr Brian Forschler
The Entomology Department is relocating to another building on campus.  Interviews are being held for the Department head.  Research projects are continuing regarding termite flight time and carpenter bees.

Georgia Department of Agriculture Update-Derrick Lastinger
Summer interns began with GDA this week.  The Structural Division has an intern who will assist this summer.
A new Legislative Building will be built next door to the Dept of Ag building in Atlanta.

Compliance/Enforcement-Tim Taylor
The field inspectors have done 268 routine inspections since January 1 with the most common violation being Method of Application.
There have been 28 For Cause inspections so far this year with the most common violation being amount of pesticide applied.
Certification/Training-Ali Ikner
The Department has been receiving inquiries about license renewals.  A reminder that license renewals only happen during odd years.  The next licensing renewal will be in June 2025.
EPA Certification & Training Guidelines will be published this Fall.  Significant rule changes have not been made in GA since the 1970’s and this is an opportunity to make changes necessary.  Georgia is in a good position with current rules & regulations but the changes that will be necessary to meet EPA guidance will likely need to go through EPA review. 
Outreach-Nan Collier
A School IPM training for school employees was held April 17.
The Inside Buzz newsletter went out April 23 with information about the Yellow-Legged Hornet.
GDA Field Staff are working with Plantlanta University, an organization that provides environmental awareness material to school children, by doing the School IPM course designed for children in an elementary school class.
The Annual Butterfly Festival will be held at the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell on June 1 -2, 2024.  The GDA will have a booth and educate visitors on the industry.

New Companies-Ali Ikner
1. New Branch-Insight Pest Solutions Inc-Approved pending insurance
2. Company Name Change-From Bonaire Pest Services to Trunorth Pest Control-Approved
3. New Company-Beasley’s Bugs Pest Control-Approved
4. New Company-Previse Pest Solutions LLC-Approved pending insurance.
5. Company change from company branch location to suboffice status: White & Lavender (Athens)-Approved
6. New Branch-Astro Pest Control Services of Thomasville, Inc-Approved
7. New HBR Company-Roots Abound Inc-Approved
8. New HBR Company-Stillwaters Honey Bee Removal & Apiary-Approved pending insurance
9. New Branch-Arrow Exterminators (Cartersville)-Approved pending signature & insurance.

HBR Training
Dr. Suiter has located a person to complete the recorded training for the Pre-Exam HBR Training.  Once this is completed, this recorded training will be available as a training resource.

Yellow Legged Hornet Update-Derrick Lastinger
There continues to be a statewide outreach to inform pest control companies about the yellow-legged hornet.  Monitoring in the Chatham County area is still being done.  There is a Facebook group set up to interact with each other and connect people on this topic.

TermiTek System-Chris Gorecki
The TermiTek System is a device to monitor termites.  A Guidance Fact Sheet was presented to the Commission to address devices such as this for assistance with what is required by companies.  The document was approved and will be on the GDA website.

Legislative Update-Trip Martin
May 21 is the state’s Primary Election, and the General Election will be on November 5.  Continued monitoring of a bill that is in a committee regarding professional licenses and requirements that must be met.  This will be watched to ensure that the pest control industry does not have any more regulations put into place for licensing.

NPMA Update-Rick Bell
The NPMA Women’s Forum was held in Atlanta last week with over 400 registered attendees.  GPCA welcomed the group.  The Workforce Development Committee followed this conference in Atlanta.
NPMA & EPA will meet in June.  EPA will be providing questions about Rodenticides.  Revisions on the proposed rodenticide interim decision are hopeful.
PFAS legislation (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS): Several major products within the pest control industry contain PFAS’s.  NPMA is keeping an eye on this issue.

The Meeting was adjourned at 11:13am.